Frank R. Harrison

NYC-based Executive


Frank R. Harrison is a passionate executive with 30+ years of experience spanning the Financial Services, Entertainment, and New Media industries. For the last three years, he has become focused on Healthcare as a mission, utilizing all of his experience to become a leader to the audience he reaches over multiple channels.

Frank’s Education spans top-notch institutions that have provided the foundation for Entrepreneurship while learning from top-notch institutions Brooklyn Technical High School, New York University, Fordham University, and recently achieved certification as a Public Health Advocate through Cornell University in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health. The most recent accolade was achieved during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and he has been able to put this work to use on his podcast Frank About Health.

Frank has worked at multiple organizations across various sectors, including Financial Services, Entertainment, and Healthcare Media. Such Organizations include Citibank, MetLife, Sony Music Entertainment, and Columbia House, and this has led to the formation of his healthcare platform, a division of his new venture Health-E-Media, Inc.

Frank R. Harrison

Frank’s MBA is from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business, concentrating in Global Marketing, Finance, and International Management. In 2007, Frank returned to NYU and earned his Master of Arts degree in Psychology, focusing on Neuroscience. His Business experience and health training have led to healthcare ventures, advocacy programs, and media platforms to illustrate his research and desire to strive for social change one person at a time.

Throughout his dynamic entrepreneurial and analytic career, Frank R. Harrison has crafted an approach to business rooted in effective marketing, forward-thinking tech, and a genuine desire to better the world around him. Thanks to this, he’s made significant progress in various areas. He created this site to serve as a hub for his previous press, media, and other blog content — but he also knows that this is only the beginning.

Currently, Frank is channeling his expertise and passions into filmmaking. He is working towards releasing a documentary in 2024, aiming to leverage his diverse experiences and insights to create a compelling narrative that resonates with a wide audience. This project is an extension of his career and a testament to his lifelong commitment to learning, innovation, and making a meaningful difference.


via TalkRadio YouTube description:

The audience will hear a unique story of a fully integrated D.I.D. system that is both brave and self-reported for the purpose of educating the listeners of a condition that someone can thrive from with all the support from close personal friends and colleagues. Additionally, a clinical discussion of the disorder will be provided for complete understanding of the condition to provide real understanding and show the resources available to seek treatment.
For the first time in Frank About Health History, this episode will provide both a personal case history of Dissociative Identity Disorder along with a medical correspondent segment providing insightful discussion of a misunderstood psychiatric condition that has been misrepresented in traditional media and portrayed in a negative light.

Logan Pethtel’s personal journey in living with this condition is both courageous and insightful. It has already been said that he is brave and a hero to many who have not yet benefited from the integration process. His comparison of Endogenic and Traumagenic systems provides the basis for the clinical discussion that Karen Ross and Dr. Marissa Harris have towards the end of the program.

Current Endeavors


Frank R. Harrison is now focusing on developing an affinity marketing platform dedicated to raising funds for healthcare.

Originally launched during his graduate studies at NYU, this platform will pave the way for a new kind of fintech: one that is rooted in community-driven action to deliver a social good and more economical way to pay for everyone’s health care needs.

At the same time, he is building the Frank About Health brand.

Frank About Health

What began as a show focused on epilepsy has become a platform designed to send the message of hope, healing and self-awareness into a community that influences each of its members. Launched at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Frank About Health podcast has sparked meaningful conversations about the most prominent issues on the public’s mind, including: Epilepsy, Cancer, Cardiac Care, Caregiving, Diabetes, Nutrition, Mental Health, Alternative Health and COVID-19. As our landscape continues to shift, both as a people and a nation, Frank is determined to provide a space where his listeners can find pertinent information, solidarity, and solace in times of uncertainty. Outside of this endeavor, Frank R. Harrison has also been involved in FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures), an organization affiliated with NYU Langone Health and its Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.

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