In his latest episode of Frank About Health, Frank R. Harrison discusses the Omicron Variant with his friend, actor Reatha Grey. The last two weeks have brought Omicron to the front of everyone’s minds. With the spikes after Thanksgiving, we’ve seen canceled events and emergency plans go into effect again, reminding us of the frantic beginning of the pandemic. 

“It’s almost like we’ve all developed PTSD, or a hyper-vigilance, just to function in everyday life,” mentioned Frank. 

He labeled this illness as a social disease and mental health disease, affirming that we must also accept that we are restricted in activities but in a position to take ownership and adjust our lives accordingly for when it eventually becomes just like the flu. Therefore, how do Frank and Reatha suggest that we learn to cope with all of this without reverting to panic?

First and foremost, Frank encourages individuals to take their temperature if they begin feeling ill or fatigued. Those with an irregular temperature or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should take a test to determine whether they have the virus. In case of a false positive, he recommends taking a second test. Vaccinated individuals who test positive can rest easy knowing that they will have minor symptoms, but they still have the health of others to care about. 

When you’re positive and vaccinated and boosted, the only real concern you have is it being transmitted to someone else,” said Frank.

To avoid severe symptoms that lead to hospitalization, Frank and Reatha both affirm the effectiveness of the vaccine. But Frank also encourages listeners that the Omicron Variant is resolvable in a high percentage of cases.

Looking forward to when the pandemic eventually begins dying down, Frank predicts a widespread comorbid response, in which many might suffer from PTSD and mental health issues as a result of living through this pandemic or innocently passing the virus onto someone else. Secondly, there will be a population that may have developed respiratory issues or similar long-term health effects after having had the virus. Despite these results, Frank believes there are already medical techniques, prescriptions and other tools in place to help alleviate some of these effects.

Frank’s purpose in this episode is to show that we can live with this virus regardless of our views and consequences, but that we must be adaptable to do whatever is necessary to live with it how we choose while protecting others.