Over the last month, I have been revisiting why I started Frank About Health. I have done what I could to reflect whole heartedly at my original intentions and make sure that as things progressed I also progressed.

I was fortunate to start a documentary project with a production team I trust and interview my top guests and co-hosts that have learned with me about the importance of Advocacy and the importance of finding the right solutions for healthcare problems that are managed by the patients themselves.

Emily Shulman was able to help me coordinate the storytelling process and develop a frame of reference in understanding that each episode is a building block or milestone towards the bigger picture. In this case the bigger picture of bringing transparency or “Frankness” to the healthcare issues that affect all of us either directly or by association to people we know suffering from the condition.

I enjoyed the one week in January where I was able to assemble in person with many of my guests that I actually never met until then because I started during the show while we were still in the throws of the COVID 19 Pandemic. So in many ways the actualization of the 2 years of work with the interaction with these people in real time brought a reality to the work I have done and has given me a new sense of purpose.

Frank About Health is now going to become an incubator for other advocacy programs looking for a space to share their story. It is also going to continue bringing out the innovations and other methodologies necessary for everyone to own and find their healthcare solutions. I trust that Emily Shulman echos my sentiments and has her own thoughts on this process so I now pass it on to her to share her experience….

“Getting to be a part of this project has been amazing. I’ve gotten to meet so many incredible people because of it. It was honestly an unforgettable experience. I also had the opportunity to be on one of the most recent episodes of Frank about health. I really enjoyed getting to tell a piece of my story. Discovering my dysgraphia was a life changing diagnoses for me. Finally having a name turned my condition into a power all my own. Over all getting the opportunity to speak with Frank at length was insightful and inspiring. I think the future of frank and truthful conversations about healthcare is in good hands.”